We are excited to announce our Placement Insights! As Facebook releases new placement options at a rapid rate, we want you to know where and how your ads are performing so you can better manage them. 

See what percentage of your ads appear on Facebook Mobile Feed, Facebook Desktop Feed, Facebook Right Column, Instagram, Audience Network, etc. Discover how each placement has performed within your campaign and get a clear view of how each has trended over time in colorful and easy-to-follow graphics.

Watch the video below as Maria demonstrates our new Placement Insights:

Why Placement Matters

Having a clear understanding of where your ads are being delivered and how they are performing there will help you make decisions when it comes to setting up your campaign, making creative choices, and overall campaign performance.

You can find this feature at app.companionlabs.com > My Bidtests. From here, select the ad set you want to explore and scroll down to the report card. Mouse over the Placement column to see delivery allocations. Click on the Placement bar for more insights into placement performance and delivery over time.  

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