We are excited to roll out our Daily Metrics Table and our Budget Adjustment Markers, providing additional daily context when viewing Hourly Insights.  These new features offer an at-a-glance view of the metrics that matter most.

Why Daily Metrics Matters

As you know, Hourly Insights gives you a visual representation of your campaign metrics. Here you can find graphs plotting your EBU, CPM, CTR, CVR, Budget, Impressions, Clicks, and Results over time.

Right beside these graphs we have just added our Daily Metrics Data Table. With this table you can now readily see the specific metric value for your ROAS and your CPA, making campaign comprehension easier than ever.

Why Budget Adjustment Markers Matter

We want you to see how your actions within any campaign directly affect what comes next. By plotting your budget increases and decreases you can now easily see how these adjustments affect the performance of your campaigns and will help you make choices moving forward.

Automatically Switch Off Ds and Fs in Bidtest & CLTRACK Ad Sets

Our goal is to help improve the performance of your campaigns and make getting there as easy for you as possible. CompanionLabs will now automatically switch off any bidtest ad sets that receive a letter grade D or F. 

Why Automation Matters

We know how much work it is and time it takes to manager your campaigns. Our goal at CompanionLabs is to offer tools that make this job easier so you can focus on making your campaigns perform better. By switching off Ds and Fs, we are removing the guess work about poor-performing ad sets by simply removing them from your laundry list of things to worry about.

Please note! This option is enabled by default. You can switch this feature off at app.companionlabs.com > Settings.

Daily Spend and Starting Budget Markers

Our goal is to help make the campaign process as easy and as lucrative as possible. We've just added Spend to our Daily Metrics Table and now plot your Starting Budget to make things even easier.

Why Daily Spend Matters

In addition to your ROAS (if you're looking at a Purchase optimized ad set) and your CPA (for any other objective), you can now find a chronological listing of your exact value Daily Spend. This makes it as easy as possible to see how you're moving through your ad spend day by day.

Why Starting Budget Markers Matter

We want you to easily see and understand the journey of your campaign. In addition to plotting your budget increases and decreases we have now included your starting budget. This makes things simple when it comes to a holistic view of your campaign's progress.

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