We really appreciate all the great feedback that went into the November 9th release! The new Personalized Grade Guides will be super helpful regardless if you're a novice or advanced CL user.  Small and subtle, the general enhancements we've made to Hourly Insights and the Bidtest Report Card should also make for a more intuitive experience.  

Personalized Grade Guides

What Are They
Personalized Grade Guides let you now know the exact performance thresholds we use for YOUR ad account to assign statistically significant grades for Bidtests and any ad set you CLTrack.

Things to Consider

  • If your ad account is brand new it will take some time for the performance thresholds to become meaningful.  The same goes for any brand new goal that you’re optimizing too.  Generally, if you are beyond 30 days though, you should be in good shape.

  • Second, the performance thresholds are based on the performance of all your ad sets, not just bidtests and CLtrack ad sets.  

  • Lastly, if the goal is purchase, you’ll also see return on ad spend in addition to CPA since ROAS is the primary metric used for purchase grade assignment.  

Why Personalized Grade Guides Matter
One of the key things we always say when you’re bidtesting is to bidtest a winner. Now with these grade guides it becomes very clear the CPA or ROAS performance you should be looking for when evaluating potential ad sets to bidtest. We recommend A grade performance for your ad account.  Now you know exactly what that means. 

Bidtesting aside, having CL grades and trend indicators on your ad sets is like having your very own data scientist telling you statistically what ad sets you should leave on and which ones you should shut off.  Making statistically sound decisions drives repeatable performance.  To bring statistical simplicity to any ad set just ad CLTRACK (upper or lower case) at the end of an ad set name in Ads Manager.

General UI Enhancements

We simplified the Hourly Insights graphs and now list CPM, CPC, and CPA on the left. Before we had the corresponding rates on the left with the counts on the right.  The general feedback was the "cost per" for impressions, clicks and conversions  would be most helpful with the rates and counts available in the mouseover, which is where they are now.  

For the daily metrics table, one very subtle, but helpful addition is we now provide color indicators when you increase and decrease budgets to accompany the markers on the left.  Green is for an increase, red is for a decrease. 

Lastly, you'll also notice that CPA has been included as a column in the Bidtest Report Card.  If the goal for the bidtest is purchase, CPA and ROAS will be listed.  

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