Supported Campaign Objectives

Much of our focus at CompanionLabs centers around allowing you to scale and drive efficiency from prospecting campaigns that are focused on acquiring conversions, leads, or app installs. Although some users find value in our grading, budget recommendations, and bidtesting for other campaign objectives (like traffic, video views, or engagement), it's not something we recommend or directly support. Users whose campaigns are geared towards conversions (standard or custom), leads, and app installs tend to have the most success. We ask that you please keep this in mind, but you're welcome to use however you like.      

Important Ad Set Configuration to Ensure Clear, Measurable Performance 

As mentioned above, much of our focus is on prospecting campaigns, which usually include ads that attempt to get users to a website for the very first time. Being an experienced advertiser, you know that ads that then retarget website visitors perform even better than the initial prospecting ad. And lastly, campaigns to existing customers that have already bought from you tend to perform the best.  

Sometimes experienced advertisers will blend their prospecting audiences (e.g.: a look-a-like audience) with remarketing audiences (e.g.: website visitors in the last 90 days, past customers, etc.) to build up social equity from past customers to help acquire new customers. We understand the intent behind this, but especially when using CompanionLabs, it's not worth the ambiguity it introduces as it relates to your grading, budget recommendations, or assessing manual vs. automatic performance. So we recommend that you always exclude existing website visitors and past customers from all of your prospecting ad sets and create separate ad sets that target these remarketing audiences. If using social equity from past customers is important, just use a shared post ID for the ads, but keep the prospecting and remarketing ad sets separate.        


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