When advertising on Facebook it's often unclear how much you can increase your budget and still maintain good performance. For a lot of advertisers, it's a very painful trial and error process. With Predictive Budget Recommendations, we remove the guesswork and give you data driven recommendations based on our algorithm crunching the numbers. It predicts to what level you can increase your budget while still maintaining "A" or high "B" grade performance on the ad set. You can access your recommendations at https://app.companionlabs.com/recommendations, but it is very important you read the following criteria our algorithm uses before you do.  

Criteria for Making Budget Recommendations

  1. Recommendations are made for active ad sets using daily budgets where there hasn't been a budget change in the last 48 hours.   

  2. You'll get recommendations for bidtest and CLTRACK ad sets along with other top performing ad sets the algorithm identifies.  

  3. The degree of the increase recommendation is based on our algorithm predicting to what level you can apply an increase and still maintain "A" grade or high "B" performance. It also takes into account EBU trends, if it's a manual bid, as well as audience size.

  4. The algorithm will begin to make budget decrease recommendations for ad sets that are demonstrating low "B" performance and below.    

We are very excited to get this powerful feature in your hands. It's been in the works for a very long time. If you have any questions or comments please email us at help@companionlabs.com or initiate a chat session on our website.  

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