PLEASE NOTE: These release notes are historically correct, but the app has gone through significant changes since. Some of the features below are deprecated and others have been renamed.  Find the new billing experience at



You have the ability to download your paid invoices from within our billing page.  

Manage a billing profile

  1. Log into the CompanionLabs application and navigate to billing

  2. Click "Manage Billing Profile"

3. Complete the Billing Profile form with the information you would like to appear on your invoices.

4. Or...Select an existing Billing Profile from the drop down menu to share billing profiles between multiple Ad Accounts.

Invoice Download

  1. Create a Billing Profile to enable invoice downloads (see above).

  2. Click on the invoice download link in your payment history.

3. Open the invoice from your download location on your hard drive.

We are very excited to streamline your billing experience. If you have any questions or comments please email us at or initiate a chat session on our website.  

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