PLEASE NOTE: These release notes are historically correct, but the app has gone through significant changes since. Some of the features below are deprecated and others have been renamed.  Please see for an up-to-date description of these settings. 



Scheduled Application of Predictive Budget Recommendations allows you to specify a standard time of day to apply budget recommendations.

Enable Setting "Apply Predictive Budget Recommendations on a Schedule"

  1. Click the Settings link in top navigation

  2. Toggle the feature "Apply Predictive Budget Recommendations on a Schedule".

  3. Select the time of day to apply budget recommendations (default is midnight in the ad account's time zone).

Apply Predictive Budget Recommendations

  1. Click on the Recommendations link in the top navigation

  2. Click the Apply Button to Schedule a Budget Recommendation

  3. Alternatively, to apply immediately click Apply Now in the expanded split button.

Scheduled Budget Recommendation History and Undo

  1. You will see Scheduled Budget Recommendations in history until they are applied.

  2. Click Undo to unschedule the application of the Budget Recommendation.

Manage Recommendations > Applied History for Scheduled Recommendations

  1. Scheduled Budget Recommendations show "Scheduler" as applied by user.

Predictive Bid Ranges (beta)

The "Use Predictive Bid Ranges" setting establishes optimal bidtest bid ranges using hundreds of thousands of historical data points along with the attributes of your source ad set such as: optimization goal, target geography, budget and recent Cost Per Action (CPA).

  • The goal of the predictive bid range is to spend budget

  • Fewer bid levels will be created (likely eight)

  • The bidtest budget will be distributed more intelligently vs. evenly

  • It relies more on data science and less on Facebook's recommended range.

How to enable Predictive Bid Ranges for bidtests

  1. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking the link within the top navigation

  2. Toggle on "Use Predictive Bid Ranges"


  • Predictive Bid Ranges will allocate more budget to bid levels likely to spend

  • Bid range modifiers are applied in addition to the increased Predictive Bid Range

  • Please provide performance feedback and suggestions for improvement!

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