Daily Recaps

You'll notice at the top of your Grade Guides you now have Daily Recaps that quickly summarize recent performance in comparison to the 30-day performance thresholds in your Grade Guide. Green indicates good performance, yellow is average, and red is poor. For any period you select, if you expand a grade level, the ad set performance will be reflective of the previous day, or the 3, 7, or 14 day period you choose.    

Performance Inhibitors

When viewing Daily Recaps or Ad Set Health, CompanionLabs will highlight if the cost of ads (CPM), your click through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CVR), or some combination thereof, is significantly impacting your performance. Often times in Ads Manager it can be difficult to truly understand what's inhibiting performance.

In the Daily Recaps, the metrics are compared against your account averages for the last 30 days for the Grade Guide you are viewing.  You can mouse over or tap to view the metric performance for the selected period or the account average as illustrated below. 

In Ad Set Health, if any of the metrics are shaded red for a given day, that means that there has been a negative and significant change in metric performance compared to its average performance for the life of the ad set.    

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