CompanionLabs Now 100% Mobile Optimized

The CompanionLabs interface has always been responsive and usable on mobile devices, but after this month's release you'll find that it's now 100% fully mobile optimized.  Grade Guides, Ad Set Health, and Predictive Budget Recommendations are now app-like in their presentation, making it easier than ever to understand and scale your performance.  Simply access CompanionLabs at from any mobile device.

Target Performance Thresholds

You now have the ability to set performance thresholds for grading! For many of you this will mean more budget recommendations and scalable bid levels! This has been a popular request for a long time, but we wanted to implement it in a way where it was simple and in the context of the performance of your ad account.

When To Use It:
If you're looking at a grade guide for a given objective and you believe your B-level performance is either too high or too low.

How To Use It:
Click on the linked threshold value for B performance to change it.

What Will Happen:
If you lower the performance threshold this will increase the frequency and level of budget recommendations and will give you more scalable bid-levels during bidtests. If you increase the performance threshold, it will be more restrictive for budget recommendations and bidtests as a higher "performance bar" now has to be reached.

Situations Where It Will Come In Handy:

  1. You're a really good advertiser and even your average performance (by default, what we grade as Cs) is good performance that you want to scale.

  2. You're just getting started and even though you have A and B ad sets they are not performing nearly at a level where you'd want to spend more on them since you're still testing and learning.

  3. You're coming out of a period that is not reflective of the performance going forward (i.e.: when holiday season ends).

  4. Through some change in strategy or tactics, you've just established a new normal for the ad account and your past 30 day performance isn't applicable anymore for grading.

  5. Similar to 4 but for agencies and consultants; you just took on a new client and you feel the historical performance in the ad account shouldn't serve as the baseline for determining good and poor performance for grading.

Getting Started:
Go to from either your desktop or mobile phone and pull up the grade guide you want to adjust. Click on the linked threshold value for your B performance to change it. Once applied, it will take effect within an hour during your next grading cycle.  Please give the system another 5 hours to re-process your predictive budget recommendations based on the new performance threshold. 

If you have any questions about setting a target performance threshold feel free to DM us or initiate a chat session and we'll help you out!

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