Grading Confidence Setting

Get CL grades faster and more budget recommendations sooner with the new Grading Confidence setting. Brian recaps this powerful feature in one minute.

  • Small advertisers set it to Relaxed.

  • Big spenders set it to Strict and have Predictive Budget Recommendations work even better.

Note, if you are optimizing to Cost Per Result / CPA, believe you don't have grades being assigned quick enough, and your CPA is higher than $50 USD, lower the grading confidence one level from the recommendations provided in the video above. 

Guided Tours

In this release we also rolled out contextual guided tours to highlight important existing features and new features as we roll them out. If at any point you want to view them again, click on the main "Settings" menu option then the "Rest All Guided Tours" button at the bottom of the page.  

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