Grade Groups

Many CompanionLabs customers have target geographies, products, apps and the like that have dramatically different performance levels. We do too. Such variance across performance (cost per purchase, cost per install, cost per lead) isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can affect your CompanionLabs grading, because the grades are blended across all the various ad sets and performance ranges. 

Our new Grade Groups feature allows you to group ad sets in a way that makes the most sense for how you advertise. The end result is that your grades will be more accurate when you're grading ad sets that are more similar to each other.  More accurate grades means more accurate Predictive Budget Recommendations. Sweet!

Who needs Grade Groups?

Not everyone will want Grade Groups, but they can be very helpful for those who need them. Let's look at a few examples. With CompanionLabs, we see very different CPA's across different parts of the world, so we have set up grade groups that reflect the different geographic regions in which we operate. Check out Brian's video below for more on this. 

Another example might be a mobile game developer who has very different CPI's (costs per install) between their iPhone and Android users. In this case, 2 grade groups, one for each OS, would provide better grading and better recommendations for both. Importantly, the game developer can establish different target threshold CPI's for each group as well. 

Finally, let's consider an ecommerce bookseller who offers both physical and digital copies of some titles. These may have a very different ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) based on different pricing of the formats. Creating Grade Groups for these will be helpful to optimizing ad sets by book format.

Who has Grade Groups?

For now, we have released Grade Groups to our Premium customers by default, but any customer, (including free trial) is welcome to use them. If you are not a Premium customer, click on the icon in the bottom right corner of this or any CompanionLabs page to request Grade Groups be turned on.  

How do I use them?

Setting up your Grade Groups is an easy, one-time process. In Settings, choose "Grade Group Management." Next set up your groups using the simple condition builder. The groups are based on ad set name. In our game developer example above, the user may want to set up one Grade Group where "Ad Set Name Contains 'iOS'" and another where "Ad Set Name Contains 'Android.'" This does mean that you will need consistency in your ad set nomenclature. 

Once you have created your Grade Groups, the CompanionLabs app will let you know if you have any conflicts, since the groups must be mutually exclusive (no ad set can be in more than one group). If you have a few conflicts, it may just be a nomenclature issue in your ad sets (a typo, for example). If you have many conflicts, it is likely you have an error in the condition builder for the Grade Groups. 

Please note that once you kick off Grade Groups, the system will need to re-grade all your ad sets based on the new groupings. There will be a message that lets you know your groups are being re-graded. That can take up to 4 hours. 

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