Our very popular Budget Recommendations have been joined by 2 more recommendation types just in time for the busy holiday shopping season this year, to ensure your marketing is more scalable, more efficient and just plain easier for you. 

Bidtest Recommendations 

Our Bidtests have always been super simple to run (just add bidtest to the ad set name). What has taken some effort has been deciding when and why to run a Bidtest. You want to run Bidtests on your best performing ad sets when you see ad costs increasing. This has historically required being on top of your metrics using CompanionLabs' Ad Set Health display or even in ads manager. It's not rocket surgery, but it's certainly a level of effort and analysis. 

Now CompanionLabs does that work for you by recommending what ad sets to bidtest when, right on the (newly reformatted) Recommendations screen. Just click on Bidding in the left column to see your Bidtest recommendations. You'll also see a number there indicating the number of Bidding Recommendations available. 

For any Bidtest Recommendation you can choose to leave the suggested budget in place or edit the budget and then click "Apply." In a few minutes the system will create your bidtest ad sets and your test is underway. 

Bidding Recommendations

In addition to the Bidtest Recommendations, the CompanionLabs app will also make Bidding Recommendations for ad sets that are not part of a bidtest. This is great for ad sets that could be spending better, but for which you don't necessarily want to run a bidtest. Like budget recommendations, you can easily choose to apply or ignore them. Bidding recommendations take effect immediately. 

Pause Recommendations

Pause Recommendations are exactly what they sound like. This recommendation type evaluates your ad sets for poor performers and recommends that they be stopped. Don't worry; they aren't deleted, they are only paused in the same manner as deactivating them in Facebook Ads Manager, and can be reactivated later at your discretion. 

Please know that these recommendations are not made with prejudice. The CompanionLabs algorithm ensures that before a Pause Recommendation is made, the ad set has been given a fair chance at performance. While an ad set with a Pause Recommendation may be newer than others, new ad sets are first graded and then given a few grading cycles at poor performance before the Pause Recommendation is issued. You should feel confident that we aren't going to recommend pausing an ad set that is likely to rebound in performance soon.

A New Look

New recommendations need a new home, or at least a remodel. So while you will find Bidtest and Pause Recommendation on the same tab where you have always gotten Budget Recommendations, we moved some things around. Top left are your recommendation types and counts for each type. Click any type to see the recommendations for that type. 

To see what actions you have (or haven't) taken historically, you can click Recent or Applied in the bottom left under Management.

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