You want more recommendations and we hear you. After last month's release of Bidtest, Bid and Pause Recommendations, we were determined to give you more. We've now added Creative Recommendations.

These recommendations are at the ad level, not the ad set level, like others. We are analyzing recent Click Through Rate (CTR) for each ad, in combination with factors like frequency, relevance score, conversion rate and impressions, to determine if a particular ad may need new life with a creative refresh. 

Don't worry, we give an ad a fair shot to prove itself, but after a couple weeks, we will pinpoint those ads that may be slipping so you don't have to think about whether it's creative fatigue or some other factor impacting performance. 

Each creative recommendation includes the ad thumbnail for easy recognition, as well as the ad name, average CTR over the last 7 days, current relevance score and current frequency. We've also provided a line graph of each of those metrics over time so you can see the trends for yourself. 

Click the "Edit Ad" button to make updates to your ad in Facebook Ads Manager. Click "GOT IT" to acknowledge the recommendation or "IGNORE" to stay the course.

Notice the new category for Creative in your left-hand navigation menu. When you have Creative Recommendations, the number of new recommendations will show to the right of the button.

We've also added the ability for you to override the amount of a Budget Recommendation. We stick by the recommendations, but if you want to be a little more conservative or more aggressive than the recommendation advises, click the pencil icon next to the recommended budget amount to change it. Enter the amount only; the system already knows your currency. Then apply the Budget Recommendation with your override amount by clicking "Apply."  

Let us know how you like these new features, or tell us about others you would like to see, using the chat button in the bottom right corner of this, or any, CompanionLabs screen. We love feedback because it helps us make a better product for you. 

Happy holidays from all of us at CompanionLabs! 

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