Bigger, better, more, faster... we hear you, and that's what we're delivering this month. These features are meant to allow you to do more with CompanionLabs quicker, and with less effort on your part, than ever before.  

Predictive Grades

If you're using CompanionLabs, grades matter and, even though a U grade (Unavailable) is neither good nor bad, it can be frustrating to see an ad set have a U grade for several days, while you wait for enough conversion data to achieve statistical significance. 

That's why we've added some new factors to our grading model that looks closely at upstream metrics (like spend, impressions, clicks, ATC, etc.), as well as social engagement, to be a better predictor of ad set performance. We will issue these grades on your ad set in as quickly as 12 hours. The algorithm issues predictive grades by comparing an ad set's early, upstream performance to other ad sets that showed similar early, upstream performance and have already reached statistical significance for their conversion objective. 

Instead of having a trend arrow, these grades will be labeled as Predictive in the Grade Guide. In ads manager, these will be denoted with (p).

As conversion data comes in, the grading algorithm will adjust grades as necessary, and add trend arrows once the conversion data for the ad set has achieved statistical significance. Bottom line -  you get faster grades, fewer U's and better information sooner, as to what you can expect for an ad set's performance.

If you choose not to use these Predictive Grades, you can choose to not display them on your Settings page.

Recency Weighting

Do you look more at the last 2 weeks or the last 3 days when it comes to judging an ad set? That's not a rhetorical question... we've added a setting to CompanionLabs so that your preference is now an input to the algorithm. Choose the time period to which you want to provide added weight and CompanionLabs will apply that weighting appropriately.

There is no right or wrong answer to this; it's based on your preference and the nature of the campaigns in your ad account. The default value is 14 days, but set this where you are most comfortable. If you want your grades to be most impacted by the most recent performance, 3 days is right for you. If you take a longer view of your ad set performance, 14 or 30 is a better choice.  

Display All My Grades in Ads Manager

Everyone loves cltrack, so you can see your grades and trend arrows right in Facebook ads manager, right? Well now we've made this even easier. If you want grades and trend arrows on all your ad sets to show up in ads manager, use this setting and you don't need add cltrack to any ad set. They will all just show up... magic! 

Recommendation Count and New Recommendation emails

It's no secret that recommendations are the heart of our success and yours. We've made it easier to know when you have recommendations available. First we've added a recommendation count in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, so you know if you have Recommendations available before you click.

Second, we've changed our email notifications from a Predictive Budget Recommendation-only count, to provide counts of all available recommendations by type. No guess work needed as to what types of recommendations are available when you get your recommendations email. 

All New Video Tutorials 

We have also just released a brand new video tutorial curriculum, Getting Started. It's 18 videos, but only about 30 minutes total and it will set you up for success with CompanionLabs. You can watch them through or pick topics that are pertinent to your needs. You can find it in-app at

If you've not yet signed up and you want to watch the videos anyway, they are also available on YouTube: 

The 14 day trial is free, though, so if you haven't signed up, what's stopping you? 

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