We are super excited about this release!  If you are new to CompanionLabs (i.e.: just starting your first bidtests), we highly recommend checking out this information before jumping into the Feature Overviews below.   

Why EBU Trends Matter
When looking at your bidtests in Ads Manager or Power Editor, the EBU% (Estimated Budget Utilization), is calculated in the last 15 minutes.  Meaning, your EBU% at 10am could be much different than your EBU% at 1pm, 11pm, etc.  EBU Trends allows you to see the fluctuations over time to get a better understanding of how much budget opportunity there may be at a given bid level within the Facebook auction.  

Why Report Cards Matter
Everything that's in a Report Card for a bidtest you can get from Ads Manager, so there is nothing new per se in that regard.  However, it's a nice pre-canned view that's color coded and doesn't rely on a user's underlying column configuration in Ads Manager.  This will be especially helpful for newer Facebook advertisers, and for the pro's, it's a nice jumping off point to view Hourly Insights.       

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Hourly Insights

Why Hourly Insights Matter
Once you establish top performing bid levels, the next objective will be to scale your budgets.  As you increase, there are three primary metrics that impact CPA efficiency / performance.

  1. CPM - The cost of the ads

  2. Click-Through - How many people click on your ads

  3. Conversion - How many people buy stuff or sign up

When you're increasing your budget, one, or some combination of those three, is what will impact performance, for good or bad.  Up until know, it's been extremely difficult in Ads Manager to:

  1. Keep track of budget changes.

  2. Understand delivery / budget utilization after budget changes.

  3. See trends for the three primary metrics that impact performance following budget increases. 

Hourly Insights addresses those challenges with a single click and also layers in secondary metrics like Relevance Score and Frequency.  When you're scaling budgets Hourly Insights is a must-have tool to truly know what's going on.      

Side Note - cltrack  
We understand that the challenges above are not isolated to just scaling bidtest budgets, but also apply to automatic budgets as well.  You can get hourly insights for any ad set by just adding cltrack at the end of an ad set name in Ads Manager or Power Editor.  These ads sets will be listed like any bidtest, but under the category "Other."  

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